Would You Spend 45 Minutes A Day For 100 Days To Strengthen Your Mind?

With A Group Of People As Determined As You To Finish Their Challenge And Change Their Lives?


1. Select Your Own Challenge.
2. Join the Challenge.
3. Complete 45mins a day
4. Be supported and encouraged everyday by the most amazing group of fellow challengers.
5. Complete your  100 day challenge
6. Start a whole New Life!

The Life You Want, The Health And Fitness You Want, The Adventure and Joy You Want, The Family You Want Is Going To Be Fuelled By The Mindset You Have!

100 Days - 45 Minutes A Day - Any Challenge You Want - 24 Hour Support And Encouragement 
= The Ultimate Strong Healthy Unlimited MIND!

Here Is Your Chance To Never Give Up On A Goal!
Conquer Fears That Hold You Back.
Create A Mind That Is Unlimited!

Maybe You Will Run For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Meditate For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Swim For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Write A Book or Learn a Language!
Maybe You Will Learn the Guitar For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Workout For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Do Yoga For 100 Days!
Maybe You Will Ride Your Bike For 100 Days!

Yes...We All Have Excuses...

  • Yes, you get busy.
  • ​Kids, business and other distractions do take up all your time, energy and attention..
  • ​Because there is so much to do in those fleeting 24 hours
  • ​But...
  • ​You also need to give yourself the freedom and permission to create healthy boundaries and make time to nurture your soul..
  • ​Because This Indecisiveness Has Been Costing You Your Inner Peace!

If You Are Sick Of Making Excuses For Yourself...


Surround Yourself With People Who 
Are Constantly Breaking Their Behavioural Barriers And Will Encourage You To Do The Same...

Come be a part of such a community and learn how to build life-long habits instead of one-off hits that keep you stuck and confused...



This Is WhereYou Get Past Your Own Obstacles, And Take Consistent Action Because...

From: Kevin McNamara
Where: Melbourne, Australia

I’m a Certified Life Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Published Author and Prostate Cancer Survivor who has helped hundreds of people to start believing in themselves and their ability to heal themselves. 

It’s been 8 years since I beat cancer through a predominantly plant-based diet, meditation, exercise, fasting, fresh air, sunshine, healthy relationships and cold showers. I was able to achieve this because of the dedication, commitment and belief in myself. And since then, I’ve been helping people like you to believe a little more in yourself and break that glass ceiling.

When my doctor diagnosed me with cancer, you know what my mind of steel said? “This cancer is a trespasser in my body and is leaving ASAP”. That was an order. As a former cop, that’s been my mindset throughout 30 years of my personal development journey. I have inspired hundreds of good human beings to take back control of their time, habits and lives. 

And now, I’m building this close-knit community of ambitious people inside The 100 Days to Self-Mastery Challenge to help you become the best version of you with ease and passion. 

Despite the grit of beating cancer and having a strong mindset, I wanted to push myself a little more and explore my possibilities. That’s when I got into a 100-Day Challenge myself where I ran 8 kilometres (5 miles) every single day for 100 days even on cold and frosty winter mornings. And now, I’m helping you explore the true power and strength of your mind.
The video below is me running on a rainy winter morning during my challenge. No excuses. No defence. Just getting it done!

A Little Rain Wont Hurt You!

So, How Does The Challenge Work?

You select any challenge you want (there is a list of 26 challenges at the bottom of the page to give you some ideas if you are struggling to think of one) as long as it's out of your comfort zone and will impact your mind, body and soul in a positive manner. Your challenge starts the day you sign up!

Here are some examples of things you could do for 100 days straight. It can be running, learning guitar or any kind of instrument, writing a book, reading inspiring self development books, working out everyday, cycling, swimming, learning a language, really anything that gets you out of your comfort zone for 100 Days!

We all live the challenge in the Private Facebook Group where you find amazing support and encouragement, live trainings and we have as an option a LIVE Mastermind every 2 weeks in the group. Powerful and life changing experience being part of this amazing challenge!



1. You must take on your challenge for 45 minutes daily for 100 Days!

2. If you miss a day you start again!

Al Mac - Australia

This is the best value for money 100 day challenge ever! I get fitter, I now have the habit of walking and working out EVERYDAY, and I now control my mind! Not the other way around! 

And the feedback and support from others in the Facebook group is awe inspiring. You want to finish the challenge for yourself but also for the guys in the group who are supporting you all the way! That support is PRICELESS! 
Thank you Kev!

Here's The Truth...

You’re the average of the 5 people you hang out with..
And it’s always better to hang out with people who are 1 step ahead of you so that you...

Train Yourself To Take Back Control, Build Long-Lasting Habits That Change Your Story!

Check Out Sarah's Story From The UK!

Check Out Kaki's Story From Australia!

This 100 Day Challenge Works Because You’ll Get Immediate Access To:

  • Mindset Coaching: Advice to help you figure out a way to take control of your schedule in a way that works for you so that you need not stress about and get torn between your goals and limited time.
  • Accountability System: That is designed to tackle your bigger problems like learning to prioritise your time, first. We have people in our challenge who are willing and able to be your accountability buddy.
  • Simple hacks: To tap into your true grounded power so that you keep taking inspired action and overcome procrastination without feeling stressed out
  • Mindset Hacks:  That give you the permission to grow even when doubt creeps in and you lose the confidence to achieve your goals
  • A Community of Go Getters! Who are not only building life-long habits but also make sure that they encourage and cheer for the people around them

Here Is What Other Action Takers Have To Say

Kaki - Perth, Australia

Hi Kevin, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and your 100 Days to Self-Mastery Challenge! 

I've had an on again, off again relationship with meditation for over 10 years. 

This year in particular, I felt a deep calling to build a consistent meditation practice and with this challenge, I have been consistent for over 15 days and TWICE a day! 

I feel amazing, knowing that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and the community aspect is fantastic being able to connect with other like minded people who are here to support each other and change their habits to create a better life! 

Thank you so much, KaKi x

Sarah - London, England

I love the 100 Day Challenge! I've chosen to walk over 10kms a day as my challenge, because I know how good it is for my mind and because I want to do something physical each day, that is more than I would do normally. 

Being a part of the challenge has helped me to keep getting out there every single day and squash my excuses, which is great for my mindset. Already I am on day 23 and it's becoming routine - just the way I want it to be.

I love the supportive community and I love to draw inspiration from the others in the group. I love that everyone is doing something different and I've already got ideas for my next challenge!

Peter - Melbourne Australia

Like most people I was hit hard by Covid-19. I am a DJ and lost my income. I became a bit depressed and started drinking a lot. I had to change. 

I decided to join a Bootcamp and enjoyed it. Then I found the 100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge and it kind of turned my life on its head! 

I decided to workout every day for 100 days and the change in me has been nothing short of amazing! 

Lost weight, put on muscle, improved my endurance and the biggest thing of all, I have mastered my mind. Oh and the support from the Facebook group and Kev is second to none! I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. If this challenge can strengthen and change my mind I can guarantee it will change yours. 

I am already thinking of what I will do for my second 100 day Challenge. Come on! You have nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain!

Ally - Melbourne Australia

What this challenge has done for me is change my mindset. 

I often would start a running regime or join a gym, but after a month or 2 something else would come up and I would stop. 

With the accountability and support in the Facebook group I have proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind too. 

The Facebook group is full of people like you and me who want to better themselves, get out of their comfort zones and find their true potential. 

I am fitter than I have ever been and have strengthened habits that I know will stay with me. I highly recommend the 100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge! 

Laurel - Manitoba, Canada

Hey Kevin. I just wanted to write you a quick note of thanks! 

Since starting the 100 Days to Self Mastery, I have noticed some great life improvements. 

Your positive and encouraging feedback, not just on my posts, but also your shares, have been awesome. 

 I have been striving to maintain authentic self care for many years now, and this challenge has helped with that. 

Up until now, when life got busy, my self care and health care was the first to go. Now I am sure to get it in, thanks for the accountability and support. 

Great work, Kevin!

Daniela - New York, U.S.A

I joined the Challenge because I was looking for something to just push me. I was in a bit of a rut and wasn't sure what to do.

I had just purchased a farm with donkeys and horses which I absolutely adore but wanted to stretch my mind a little.

The 100 Days to Self Mastery came along at just the right time.
My challenge is reading for 45 minutes a day. 

But not JUST reading, it's reading books that I can learn from and books that will inspire me.

I am loving it! At this rate I will have read nearly 20 books by the end of the challenge!
"Testimonials shown are real experiences from users of the 100 Days To Self Mastery Challenge. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, desire and motivation which is beyond our control. As with all things you get out what you put in!"


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100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge

100 Days to Self Mastery Challenge + Self Mastery MASTERMIND

Daily Group Accountability inside Private Facebook Community so that you never go a day without us and your friends checking in on you and hold you accountable with some tough love

Weekly/Daily Mindset Hacks delivered via email to keep you on track, remind you of your true power and boost your confidence so that you become an effortless achiever

Certificate of Completion at the end of 100 Days to remind you of your true power and ability to show commitment and honor it. And most importantly - it’s a visual reminder that strengthens your belief in yourself and etch your memory with the moment where you proved your power to break your own limits


Bi-Monthly Mindset Mastermind Meet

Email Support for Mastermind Members

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With your welcome email you have a choice of Daily or Weekly Emails full of Kev's Inspiring thoughts and motivation in video, quotes and stories to keep you going throughout the 100 days. 
(We know some people need to be pushed daily, others just need some gentle encouragement once a week.)

1. If you’re someone who needs a daily email reminder, you get daily email support when you join us inside The 100 Days to Self-Mastery Challenge.

2. If you’re someone who looks forward to a weekly email instead of daily emails, let’s do that for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why 100 Days and not 21 days?

Because 21 days HASN’T worked for me to create a life-changing habit and I don’t believe that it will work for you either. You may finish a 21 challenge, but, building a habit? I highly doubt that because I have tried as have many others and it doesn't last! I have also tried 66 days and the same thing. 100 days really takes you out of your comfort zone, tests you each day and by the time you finish your mind is like a steel trap! Strong and powerful and you will KNOW you are unlimited!  It’s liberating -- mainly because you prove it to yourself that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

2. You talk about health, well-being and lifestyle. I’m looking to get consistent at something else. Can I choose something else?

Sure. You don't need to run in the rain like me lol! You are free to choose whatever you want to do. There are some who have chosen to meditate, do yoga, swim, learn guitar, learn a language. Some decided to go to the gym every single day. So you’re free to choose. I’m here to enable you to stay consistent and get better at what you do. There is a list of 26 different challenges you will find at the bottom of the page. Go check it out as it will help you find your challenge. 

3. I want to do this but I have an extremely tight schedule, got kids at home and I barely get time to do anything apart from, work, household chores and running parenting errands. 

People inside The 100 Days of Self-mastery Challenge are just like you. They have a job, they work hard, they are parents to lovely children at home and yet, they make sure they take out 45 mins out of their 24 hours for themselves, thank their bodies and nurture their souls so that they give back more to their families and communities. My first interaction with you is to help you get your schedule sorted so that you make time for what really matters to you without compromising your duties and responsibilities. As soon as you join the challenge, you have the choice to get on a call specifically to carve out time from your schedule and resolve your biggest blocks that are keeping you from achieving your dreams.

4. What happens when I join the 100 day challenge?

You receive a welcome email with an invite to the Private Facebook Group where all the action happens. This email also gives you the option of weekly or daily inspiring emails and also the option to have a one on one call with Kevin to work out your schedule so you can create space and time to get the challenge done. The next thing is to get started on your challenge!

5. Is there a refund policy?

100% money-back guarantee. Just write to me stating the reason for the refund during the first 14 days. If it’s something that I can fix, I offer to do that for you. If not, I’ll refund your money in full.

6. I have more questions. Can I talk to you?

 Sure, just send me an email at : kevin@100daystoselfmastery.com
 to schedule a zoom call and let's talk!

The Biggest Challenge is Getting Started!

It is never a lack of knowledge it is a lack of EXECUTION!


This is by no means exhaustive and I am sure you can think of others but this is a good start!

  • 1: Running
  • ​2. Gym Workouts
  • ​3. Writing a Book
  • ​4. Reading Self Development Books
  • ​5. Learning a new language
  • ​6. Swimming
  • ​7. Journaling about your life
  • ​8. Meditation
  • ​9. Yoga
  • ​10 Boxing
  • ​11. Learn Self Defence
  • ​12. Publish a podcast everyday
  • ​13. Walking
  • 14. Learning an instrument (guitar, piano etc)
  • 15. Learn woodworking
  • ​16. Learn Photography
  • ​17. Learn to Cook
  • ​18. Cycling
  • ​19. Wrestling
  • ​20. Play Golf
  • ​21. Play tennis
  • ​22. Learn to sing
  • ​23. Write songs
  • ​24. Learn to Dance
  • ​25. Study your favourite topic
  • ​26. Learn to draw.

Is There a Guarantee?

Of course... :) 

If, after your 7 day FREE trial, you feel it is not for you then just send an email to: kevin@100daystoselfmastery.com and we will cancel your membership no questions asked!

Pretty simple.  

But, if you're like most people, this challenge will change your mindset and your life!
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